y es ahí, justo en ese momento, cuando te das cuenta que las cosas solo ocurren una vez

See you don’t ever think of me
you don’t ever think of people
you take roud smooth little pink pills
and now you’re nihilistic
just dreaming of not dreaming
i’d just enter in your light
just carryning with me a plain song
three pure loud notes and a clean flag
as white as the lost screaming heart
that beats in your fine child-figure
i just feel so far away from you
and can’t remember just the moment
when i told you again and again
the sky was opening below of you
and it opens under you feet
and i want you to come now with me
let’s go far, just wherever
just somewhere else together
see you can’t avoid just saying no
that i just live in dark places
and i’ve got two thousand reasons
to not believing in people
and only thinking in your voice



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